Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today . . . is Saturday

Inspired by Meg's Saturday to-do list post, I decided to share about my day with you.  :)  

Sleep in!
Eat yummy chocolate chip pancakes with my hubby!  (that he made for me!)
talk shop with hubby 
swiffer bathroom floor
um . . . out of swiffer sheets
oh, I'll try out this new vacuum one we got as a gift!   
oh, the new vacuum swiffer has to be charged 24 hours before first use
okay, assemble new one, plug it in
remember that I read on Modgirl's blog that she reuses dryer sheets for her swiffer
Fantastic!  I have a load of laundry that unfortunately has been languishing in the washer for two days.  (oh dear!)
The dryer is full of clean clothes.
Start washer to rewash clothes in washer.
Start to unload dryer.  
ugghhh there is a mountain of dirty towels on the laundry room floor right under the dryer and the dryer is so full that I can't get things out without them spilling onto the dirty "mountain"  argggg
perfect time to get a hamper that can be our clean clothes transfer hamper like Adrian had the great idea for us to have
his old hamper is in the garage
bring it upstairs
go through the items that were "packed" in it when he moved over
find homes for all of these objects
get sidetracked along the way
do some blogging and some home stuff
empty hamper
exchange it with hamper in our closet
wipe out "dirty clothes" hamper so it now becomes the "clean clothes" hamper
unload dryer into it and dump on guest bed for folding
switch laundry from washer to dryer
make sure to put in dryer sheet even though I rarely use them, not so I'll have soft clothes, but so I'll have a dryer sheet to use to swiffer my bathroom floor (oh yeah, *that* was the original goal)
put mountain of dirty towels in washer and start
make lunch & eat lunch, more blogging and house stuff
get clean clothes (with dryer sheet somewhere embedded) out of dryer and dump on guest bed
switch laundry from washer to dryer
write blog posts (a new blog feature is coming), organize stuff, pick up, etc.
fold some laundry here and there in the midst of all this
make and eat dinner
fold laundry
finally find dryer sheet!
Get old swiffer
try to put dryer sheet on swiffer
it doesn't fit!  :)  
Decide that I don't ever really use dryer sheets anyway and I have nearly a full box and why wait until they've already been used for their original purpose, I'm just going to take out two and put them the other way and make it work
Dry swiffer bathroom floor
It works pretty well
Get paper towel, wet it, put on swiffer, spray some windex on
Wet swiffer bathroom floor
Go back to look at modgirl's post
oh!  she used two (used) dryer sheets too!
hey, I've got a clean bathroom floor and it's been a delightful day.  :)  
Hope you've had a good Saturday! 
What did you do?  Kelly

edited to add: okay, here's another funny thing, it is now 12:23 making it not even actually Saturday anymore but Sunday!  oh dear!  :)  


Mod Girl said...

Whew! But don't you love productivity?!

Karen said...

This was one of the funniest posts I have ever read, probably because I could just picture you doing all those things and oh, dear, possibly the fact that you might have inherited some of your random house cleaning tendancies. I envy people who can start in one room, complete that room and then move on to the next. But....I bet they don't have as much fun cleaning house as we do.

Our Brunch was a success!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another book in the "If you give a mouse a cookie" set. :-)

Mindy S.

Rebekka said...

Great posts. I enjoy the details (when I get time to catch up)!
Glad you are enjoying all your new stuff and married life!!!