Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Travel Tuesdays - where are we going that we need a passport??!!!!

Do you remember this post???

Wanna know where we're going?

Oh Canada!  

Montreal, to be exact.  :)  

We decided to go on a trip instead of exchanging Christmas gifts this year.  We leave in 6 days!  

Have you ever been to Montreal?  What should we see/do/eat there?  Especially the eating part.  :)  

Are you traveling anywhere over New Year's?  Kelly


Mod Girl said...

Oooooo, have fun! A second honeymoon already. Enjoy!

Karen said...

It's going to be fun and COLD. Travel warm.

Rebekka said...

I've been to Montreal a couple of times, but I don't have any specific ideas. I just really liked it! Have a blast!

Cary/Ashley said...

Have fun!!

jennyc said...

How great! I've only been to Toronto and got to see the Lion King while there. Have a blast and I can't wait to hear about your trip!

Katie said...

You must have as many crepes as you can--they're delish!

Go down to the old-town by the water--really neat cobblestone streets (some lined with tourist shops, some with great restaurants)

Poutine is a very Canadian dish--it's french fries with gravy--kinda strange, but worth a try.

There's a cute Soho-like neighborhood in Montreal, but I can't remember the name--cool shops though.

Au Revoir--have fun!

Anonymous said...

as a french canadian, i have to say montreal is a great place, its cold but not too bad ..no worse than ny state..
as for poutine, its fries, gravey and melted cheese, its yummy, but seriously if you love good food, hit the awesome restaurants...

you'll have a great time..

celina in canada

Sandi said...

Oooh -- so jealous!! Have a great time!

Ashley said...

Hey Kelly. Haven't been on your blog in forever. Then I was an insomiac this morning and got all caught up. Knew the wedding was probably somewhere around here, but didn't know it was in McKinney. I got married in McK too, at Eldorado CC. Do ya'll live here in McK or just wedded up here? We love downtown McK and try to go there alot. I hope all is well. We are having a son in May..our 3rd and final addition. Hope you are doing well. Later!