Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Travel Tuesday - California redwoods

Today's travel Tuesday is about one of the things we did on our honeymoon.

(the love birds)

I had always wanted to see the redwoods.  We spent our honeymoon in San Francisco and then renting a convertible and driving south down Highway One.  
It was the greatest!  
We went on a whale watch which was incredible but the day we were originally scheduled to go it was canceled because the water was too rough.  

We decided to drive through some old growth forests with the top down and to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park instead.  We enjoyed our drive and hike so much!  It was so peaceful.  I marvel at God's creation.  There are SO many different things to see in the world!  

If you are in the San Francisco area and don't feel like driving north to see the famous redwood you can drive through, etc. but would like a peaceful experience and opportunity to see these beautiful trees, I would highly recommend it.  

Do you have any blog posts about redwoods?  I'd love for you to put the link in your comment.  

Have you ever been to see the redwoods?  When was it?  Tell us about your experience.  


Anonymous said...

Hi, visiting via Nester. I don't blog (yet) but wanted to let you know that hubby and I did the same as you for our honeymoon. Eventhough our convertible was reserved the car rental place let the last one go to the person in front of us. . . they made up for us in giving us an upgraded Jeep Grand Cherokee, since the weather was not the greatest - we had more fun in the jeep on HWY 1 vs. a convertible.

We visited Muir woods for the day, the redwoods are awesome and really makes you think about life years ago esspecially before all the logging of the trees started can you imagine what it must have looked like back then?

Thanks for helping me remember a beautiful moment in my life, going on nine years now. . ...


Cary/Ashley said...

I like that you are on your tippy toes to hug him!
So cute!

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for another good place, I'd recommend Yellowstone. We went there last year and it was great.

Ron (the Steelers' fan)

Anonymous said...

A group of us took a trip to San Francisco in July 2007. We picked up one person of our group that flew into Santa Cruz and we kept driving along Hwy. 1 to Monterey. Along the way we stopped in Felton at the Roaring Camp Railroad to ride the narrow guage steam train through the redwoods up to Bear Mountain. It was awesome.

-Donna P.

Jen r. said...

That looks so beautiful and restful! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a visit! Happy Holidays! Jen

Karen said...

Don't I remember another picture of you hugging a tree? Was it a Christmas tree? Jog my memory.