Monday, March 25, 2013

seven minute post

As of now this is still the only baby outside of my belly.  

He's doing a pretty good job of trying to fill in for his sister though, don't you think?

I am sitting here eating couscous and drinking a glass of milk. 

I cannot. get. enough. to. eat!!!

I have gotten good naps the past two days which has been nice and is probably prepping me - hopefully not for another overnight labor like I had with David, but who knows.

hmm . . . what else?

Keeping busy.  Staying home.


Piddly things though.  nothing too major

am making a modified version of the embroidery hoop mobile 

slowing down on laundry but it's mostly all caught up anyway so that's okay

spent a good part of the day on the phone with our pediatrician's office, etc.  who knew that there were so many logistics?  Don't people have new babies every day?  Why can't they make this all more streamlined and simple?

I *really, really* like the PA we see here but I found out today that we have to see one of the "real live" MD pediatricians in the practice at least until the 4 month appt.  

One thing I miss about our pediatrician's office in Texas (besides the fact that it was within walking distance) was that they had well and sick entrances/waiting rooms.  

I feel so boring tonight but did want to post something so no one would be left wondering if we had a baby yet.  

Oh, one of Adrian's coworkers sent this today.

Funny, huh?  

Okay, well seven minutes are up. 

Talk to you later. 

I'd love to hear what YOU'RE up to today!  

Oh do leave a comment.




Jenni said...

only two meetings on the calendar today, so working on a project all day....preparing to have my boss and other two finance directors here tomorrow and Thursday....looking forward to the girls and my parents spending Friday night at my house....wishing and hoping and praying for certain things to change....

Kori said...

What am I doing today? Teaching my kids and waiting to hear announcements from two wonderful friends on deliveries of precious little girls! I know Gina is having painful contractions, wonder who will be first? :-) I love how big kids always get in the baby seats and toys when they are older. It is so funny! I think mine liked the bouncy seats more when they were big than when they were little. :-)

Kori said...

So....will that link be updated after delivering? :-) That's cute!

Sarah B said...

LOL-ed at the link for baby here :) I have less than 7 min to get to class, but I've started reading blogs and FB only during lunch (not when I'm supposed to be working!)so I stretch my time to the limit. I used to have someone to eat with but our schedules don't match this semester. I miss talking, but I like the quiet, too. Wishing my boss was different, but realistically she won't change, so I have to deal or leave. Looking for options but not telling anyone at school or church so that's hard! Enjoy the rest of your day and blessings on you as this little girl makes her appearance!

Kelli said...

The waiting is SO HARD! It's worse than Christmas!

We had friends over this morning, and now it's NAPTIME! ahhh. :)

Good luck, praying for a quick, easy, perfect labor and delivery. :) Love you girlie!

Karen said...

What am I doing? Spending the early morning catching up on *my* baby girl's blogs.

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