Monday, March 18, 2013

so sweet

I am starting to get e-mails, texts and phone calls from you guys checking in on me, seeing if I've gone into labor or something.  :)  

You are so sweet.

I will try to update the blog every little bit so you'll know we're still hanging in here but no promises as I'm busy nesting, trying to plan meals/cook ahead, etc. as well as 

building SUPER long trains and elaborate train tracks!  

We're having fun.  

My boy is learning to count so high too.  

He is *so* big and I know he is only going to seem even bigger when we bring a tiny little baby home.

These are good days.

Also, here's something you can chime in on.

I'm debating on whether or not to get a more girly pack and play sheet for baby girl.  It is totally a want *not* a need!  But in the end will I really care?

She will probably be sleeping in the pack and play in our room at first but then again, that was our plan with her brother too and he seemed to sleep better in his crib from the beginning so we ended up moving into his room with him (there was a full bed in the room) but with her there is not room for a bed for us in her nursery but her room is RIGHT by ours.  

hmm . . . 

We shall see.

Anyway, pack and play sheet . . . 

what would you do?

We have this and this

and I am considering this or this.

Hope you're having a good one! 



Jenni said...

I wouldn't worry about it.....

Glad things are still going well and you are able to feel good to spend time nesting and playing!

Wish I could be there to help shower baby girl and mama....

BR said...

"Tiny!" Can't wait!
Get the pack n play sheet or ill get it for you.
(Don't make me come down there.)
She's gonna puke all over it anyway. You *need* spares.
Love you!

Rachel said...

I hope these last days before your baby girl arrives are sweet. It feels like at the end there is SO much to do to be ready. We've never had a pack and play sheet as we used some large receiving blankets tucked in tight. I say skip it.

Hope potty training is going well, too.

Mindy S. said...

It depends on how many girly things that you do have. If most of your stuff is fairly boyish or gender neutral then I say get the girly sheet (it is fairly cheap compared to most baby stuff anyway). Pack and Play sheets and changing table covers are very easy ways to make everything girly without going all out and buying the pink stroller and pink car seat and other big gear.

With the first two girls I bought mostly gender neutral stuff just in case we ever had a boy. With Katelyn I finally gave in and bought all of the girly stuff, since we knew we were done. I should have just bought it all to begin with. :-) All girls need girly things.

emily said...

it won't matter!! Spend that $$ on something for YOU!!!!

Karen said...

That is SOME train. Makes Nana's 5 cars look pretty wimpy. Get the sheet. And eat well in Europe. ( inside joke).