Sunday, March 10, 2013

ten on ten - March 2013

It was a good day.

A busy day.

Not documented the best in photos but I needed to just jump back in somewhere even if just with my phone and some random shots after not doing ten on ten for a few months.  I like having this documentation of our "regular life" too much to let lack of inspiration/motivation keep getting in the way.

getting to see friends at church who were visiting and being blessed with diapers!  Thank you Sara and family!

generosity from all sides - the loan of an infant insert for our new ergo!!

a sweet and adorable baby gift 

and maternity clothes on loan just when I'm absolutely sick of everything I have

we've been doing a lot of reading around our house lately - hooray for the library!

kicking off the shoes after church for a little rest before heading back out (after changing shoes because all I want is the most comfy these days!)  Apparently the backhoe needed a rest too.  

my cutie button trying to steal Mama's scarf as he heads off to the library with Daddy

women from my church know how to throw some CUTE showers

It seems we have about one a week right now with six of us I think due between February and May!

dinner with friends we haven't seen in far too long at their house and a new to him guitar to play with 

He was quite enamored. 

scrumptious dinner!  Thank you, Sarah!

and just because I only had 8 pics from today and it's my blog, two photos from yesterday's early birthday party for our little man

intent on his strawberry cake - that he helped me make! - with dairy free "buttercream" frosting that turned out quite well.  Thanks for the cake recipe Teri!

Sweet boy enjoying being sung "happy birthday" too while wearing his new train conductor hat from Aunt Mandy, Uncle Jeremy, Caleb and Aaron

Happy Tenth everyone!  

What did you do this weekend?

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Jenni said...

I say bend all the rules you want.... :-) glad to see you back here for Ten on Ten. Love the glimpses into your days....

Breanne said...

Congratulations! I loved my ergo insert, with my second it was an absolute God-send. Enjoy the next several weeks. =)

Karen said...

Such a fun party.

BR said...

Precious postings! So normal. But so special!