Friday, January 2, 2015

Year in Review - March

Sweet friends from church treated us to Marco's pizza and in the new cast Cora could fit in a high chair so we actually got to eat out at a restaurant!!!  A very fun night for our family!!  

We celebrated 2000 days of marriage on March 27th and sweet friends baby-sat so we could go out to Blue Star!  We are not super big gift givers but I wanted to "gift" Adrian with getting rid of 2,000 items from our home to celebrate 2,000 days of marriage.  I got to 1,300 fairly quickly and then got tired of tallying but I want to renew my vigor and finish up by March 27th of this year!  

My friend Julie came in March while Adrian was out of town for work.  We hiked, ate out and she painted Cora's toe nails peeking out of the cast and "prettied up" her cast with some white eyelet glued on!  

And while we picnicked one day my boy, who is all boy, was busy putting dirt in his hat!

We hosted a waffle potluck.

Sweet friends came over.

We got a new shorter leg cast which we were sooo thankful for and someone managed to get out of it in less than 24 hours.  :) 

tulips from a wonderfully kind friend and neighbor

venturing outside in the cast 

Thanks for the fun plates, Jenny!  

Oh these boys (in their matching In and Out shirts like Ducca's!) sure love their girl and take good care of her!  

And THESE two, oh these two have a strong mutual admiration society!  

Going and surprising Daddy at the coffee shop he was working at and hanging out while he worked.  

Getting out!  

Oh how we love our Ducca too and all the cool things he lets us play with!

Shopping with all these crazy cousins at the Restore.  

Switched to fair trade baking cocoa and chocolate in general the more I learned about the child slavery involved in the chocolate industry.  

Custom bloomers made by Aunt Gail!  Thank you!!!!  Made SUCH a difference!!

Our crocus bloomed!


wearing a dress that my great grandma made for me when I was a baby!

mail for the boy

loving on Daddy

water party at Mandy's house!  So blessed to be in situations where people accepted and welcomed us cast and all!  

I love seeing these trucks around town. Such great graphics.

Hosted a birthday dinner!

More super cute bloomers made by Aunt Gail!  Love this fabric!! 

Meeting friends at the mall on a freezing nasty weather day to visit the pet shop, play area and ride the train!  


Karen said...

Sweet memories even through the pain.

Kim said...

A long year, but still full of blessings!

the Whitelaws said...

I love the picture of your girl peeking over her high chair to look at you painting her toe nails! Sweet!

Jessica H said...

I LOVE the pics of you painting her toe nails and of him with the hat full of dirt. He looks like it might as well be gold or a baby dinosaur in there by the awe he stares at it. :)