Tuesday, January 8, 2013

declutter {eight}

*  parts from our old dishwasher - so thankful to have a new one that actually CLEANS dishes when you put them into it, add soap and turn it on!

still getting adjusted to loading/unloading it, I am so adverse to change it's ridiculous - not sure I love everything about it but focusing on the fact that it cleans and I don't have to.  :)

*  a pile of mail, envelopes, errand lists, etc. that had been sitting in my "inbox drawer"

*  a nearly new box of probiotic - my poor boy seems to develop a cough with shelf stable kinds so we've finally found/gone back to something from whole foods that he calls his "fizzy medicine" and thankfully actually likes to take.  He was on a strong antibiotic for the pink eye/sinus infection hence the probiotic.  

If you're local and could use this, please let me know as I would much rather pass it along than throw it out. 


p.s. if there's anything else you see that I'm decluttering that you'd like to have, feel free to let me know.  I'm all about stuff going to good homes.

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