Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Travel Tuesday - little conductor

Hey, remember Travel Tuesdays?  I used to do those and I had completely forgotten!  So here we go.

I can't remember if I mentioned that we rode the train out to Pittsburgh and back when we went before Christmas.  It was mostly a lot of fun until people started getting sick.  

I think my favorite part of riding the train is eating in the dining car, meeting new people (it's community seating) and watching the world go by as you're seated for your meal.  

Especially on the train out (when these photos were taken) it was not very full and David got lots of special attention and even gave our waitress and hostess a hug before we left!  

It was very popular that the train had Chuggington coloring books (- thank you Marla for telling us about Chuggington!  I like it MUCH better than Thomas!) and yes, he is wearing his jammies.

That is his most favorite attire these days and sometimes it is not worth the battle when it really doesn't matter. 

Have you ever ridden Amtrak or another train?  

I can remember my first time to have French toast was on an Amtrak train from Houston to L.A. when my Sweetie took us.



Mindy S. said...

No, I have never ridden on Amtrak, but you are completely inspiring me. :-) And of course he should wear his jammies if he wants--at what other age can you get away with that(unless of course you like to shop in Walmart and then apparently it doesn't matter how old you are. :-) ) Oh, I just remembered--how could I have forgotten--I did travel by train in Scotland/England. but our longest trip was between Aberdeen and London and I think that was around 5 hours, so never over night!

Karen Gibson said...

You have inspired Sweetie to take a train trip after reading this post. Love Mindy's comment about PJ's and WalMart.

BR said...

Never heard of chuggington - thx for the tip!

Sarah B said...

We rode Amtrak from Longview to Dallas one year when Mom didn't want to drive to her sister's in Plano :) (My uncle picked us up downtown). I also rode from Seattle (Tacoma) to Salem, OR, a few years ago and it was beautiful - covered in snow. And now I'm looking up Chuggington.