Wednesday, January 23, 2013

seven minute post

My friend Meredith does "seven minute posts" and tonight I decided to copy her.

So basically, I just write whatever for seven minutes and you get to read it if you want.  :)

I really like to have photos when I blog though so I just chose a fairly random one to include.

Okay, the timer is ticking so I'd better jump in. 

Now that Christmas is over I am simultaneously trying to work on a "big boy room" and a baby girl nursery.

I kind of like the night light above from Target for David's room but I'm not sure.

In both rooms I am having trouble deciding on a color scheme.

I think I want to have a HUGE D painted on one wall in David's room and I'm envisioning it in red but there is already some orange in his room so I don't know.

I am having the hardest time finding bedding for him.  It probably doesn't help that we got a full size bed for him instead of a twin.

For baby girl's room (and no, we haven't picked a name yet and probably realistically won't until we meet her) I am trying to decide between a more serene pink/grey/silver/gold color scheme or red, pink, white with hearts.  

I CANNOT DECIDE!  Everytime I think I've decided I waffle.

I am like that on a lot of decisions in life.

On Sunday night while browsing the web and while Adrian was out at Lowe's I got the HUGEST peanut butter fudge craving!!! 

I really wanted one of my aunts (two of them make it) peanut butter fudge but as they both live in Houston, that wasn't going to be scared up at the snap of the fingers.  I called my sweet husband to see if he would be willing to stop somewhere while he was out.  

He was near a Culver's and brought me back a sundae with chocolate custard, peanut butter topping and reeses.  It was good.

The next day I had a dr. appt. and it went really fast and my sweet neighbor who was baby-sitting had told me to take my time because our kids REALLY enjoy playing together and play super well so Adrian and I went to a nearby local burger joint where I got another peanut buttery sundae and it was even better.

Well, last night we went to Freddy's and I had the best one yet!  Chocolate custard, peanut butter, marshmallow and fudge swirled in, whipped cream and waffle cone pieces!  YUM!

Okay, seven minutes are up. 

Hope you're having a good Wednesday!  



Kori said...

Fun randomness. On David's color scheme, have you just checked out the paint chips? When we painted our boys' room a few years back we went with a super dark blue. But it was in a set that included a red, orange and green along with the blue and I really liked it - even with red and orange together. Now it may be harder matching the orange shade that already exists, but paint chips can be inspiring. :-)

Karen said...

Fun post and good idea.

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