Friday, January 4, 2013

projects du jour (so far, hoping for another one or two before the day is out)

Have you seen the ornaments that you make out of a cut of the tree trunk from your Christmas tree floating around on pinterest and the world wide web at large?  

I had seen them and thought they were fun but would never have remembered probably except that the guy who sold us our tree asked if I wanted the cutting to make into an ornament or something.  So thoughtful.  It's been wrapped in saran wrap in my craft drawer until today.  

This was a super simple craft and fun to do.  I just cut out the entries for "family" and "together" from my thesaurus that I think my Poppy may have given me once upon a time.  I always use it for crafting now as I use my computer/phone for looking up words. 

The only downside is David saw me ripping out the page and in his two year old way reminded me that we do *not* rip books.  "Um, ur, you're right"  I've told him that and I'm thankful he listened.

I put a little elmer's school glue on the backs of the papers and stuck them down and then made a pilot hole with a nail before sticking in this red star brad.  I printed out the 2012 on red cardstock and layered it over faux bois washi tape from in the clear on etsy.  (They are GREAT to work with if you need any washi tape or other fun supplies!) and nailed it down as well (I don't really have any high hopes of washi tape sticking to wood over time.

I added a little baker's twine bow and loop for hanging both held on with small nails as well and then typed out a little synopsis of our Christmas on red cardstock and nailed that down on the back.  

(While I was working on that part, David was doing "his craft" and nailing push pins into the tree trunk with a small hammer.  ha ha!  He had a blast but to his credit easily gave it back to me and let me take the pushpins out when I was ready to finish it.)

Another project on my list today was to make an iphone case using washi tape.  Adrian recently upgraded to the iphone 5 and right after that I dropped my iphone and broke the face.  :(  

So now I'm using his old phone and went ahead and switched to his silicone case too as opposed to my cute, clear, can change the scrapbook paper in it case that was fairly slicky.

His was blackish gray and not all that fun. :)

I have no real hopes of this holding up super well but it is fun and was easy and relatively quick and when I get a new phone this summer I'll buy a cute and not too slicky case.

I just cut a piece of white cardstock to fit the back and glued it on with a gluestick.  Now that didn't really stick all that much at all but I knew the washi tape was going over it I just wanted a white background for the tape since it's translucent.

Then I layered on different pieces of washi tape and then used an exacto knife to cut holes where they were in the case.

Last I spruced the whole thing up (and gave it a little more grip in the hand?) with a bit of elmer's glue and iridescent glitter.  :)  

I like it!  

Off to try to find photos and print them to scrapbook Christmas 2009!  ha!  

What have you been up to today?  



Karen Gibson said...

Really cute. I have been getting ready for a party today.

Karen Gibson said...

Really cute. I have been getting ready for a party today.

BR said...

Of course u put glitter on your iPhone case!!
I'm downloading Downton abbey to my computer tonight so I can watch it w cliff tomorrow. And listening to cliff lay the babies down in the nursery.