Wednesday, January 9, 2013

good thrifting weekend

Last weekend was a really good thrifting weekend!

I mentioned stopping at the thrift store with Adrian, Mandy and Jeremy and after we picked up David, Adrian, David and I stopped by a garage sale on the way home.  

At the thrift store we scored a book Adrian had had on his amazon wishlist, a cute denim maternity skirt, an unopened box of Peanuts Valentines for David's preschool party and two toys that I had wanted for David because he LOVES garbage trucks and had played with these at a neat coffee shop in town that has a huge play area for kids and is GREAT for moms to be able to sit and visit.  

Here is the garbage truck (actually I just looked it up on amazon and I stand corrected, it is a RECYCLING truck).  We also got a dump truck that I think will be going with us to the park a lot this summer.  These are called Green Toys and they are made in the USA which I really, really like.

So, I got all of those things plus at the garage sale I scooped up the vintage children's school chair (that has "Temple, TX" stamped on the back - love it!) and the vintage Fisher Price fire truck for . . . 

a quarter a piece!!  

I was thrilled.  Both have already gotten much use.  

Any good thrift finds lately?



MM said...

Love Green toys. Kate has the tea set.

BR said...

NO! I'm jealous!

Sarah B said...

Holt also LOVES garbage trucks! :) So funny- I'm not sure the fascination except it's one of the few constants in their life right now?? My mom splurged and bought him a semi-big one that has a level to fit in a trash can and lift it up to dump in the back. Of course, he just loves emptying the "trash" (paper and wine corks) and starting all over again. May have to look up these Green toys.