Monday, January 28, 2013

declutter {eleven}

Today's decluttering took on an electronic form, e-mails cleaned out (down to only 269 in my inbox) :), etc.

So I decided to include this pic of a cute boy in a fun vintage high chair taken on a family date for breakfast to Smiley's a few weekends ago.  

I'm also going to keep it real for those times when others' lives look "picture perfect" on their blogs.  This breakfast out was actually not THAT fun.  Someone who looks cute and smiley here was being grumpy and a stinker.  But that is real life and sometimes you just have to keep on keeping on, right?

Just out of curiosity, how many e-mails are in your inbox right now?  



Mindy S. said...

I am so ashamed! I have over 8200 emails in my inbox going back to 2009. They have all been read. It is easy to go back and clear out ones that come from catalogs and businesses, but it is the ones from family that are hard. Some I do want to keep (and need to file), but there are just so many that it is overwhelming to me to even begin to sort them. Ugh! (And to be fair--this is our "family" email that both Jes and I use, but it is mostly emails from my family that are the problem.)

BR said...

2481! Bam! No intention of cleaning out. Why would I do that again?

BR said...

Almost forgot to mention that this picture of Tiny is SO PRECIOUS!! Ahhhh. Hugs!!! Sometimes I think Q looks like David. Just tonight I told cliff as much. It's probably more of an expression but I catch it sometimes and love it!

Karen said...

Cute high chair. Cute boy.

Kori said...

WooHoo! I only have 251! And it stresses me greatly. I used to only keep ZERO - I read or deleted or followed up and then deleted. Now I keep saying I'll get back to it...Gotta get on top of it again.

Kori said...

Well, while cleaning out emails - motivated by this post - I found something of possible interest for you - related to the post about colors for David's room. :-)
Wow, will that link work? If not email me. :-) It's a color visualizer from a paint company where you can put in a picture of the room and try out paint colors! Could be fun. I'm down to 155 emails. How about you?