Friday, January 4, 2013

la pinata

One of my very favorite things we did this Christmas was a pinata.  

My new sis-in-law is from Mexico so we wanted to incorporate some fun traditions to make her feel at home.  

It was a blast.

We had a song to sing and everything.  

Turns out the place where we bought the pinata online (a company based in San Antonio - I love going back to my Texas roots) had great looking pinatas but I guess they were just for decoration as there wasn't a hole for filling and it had sturdy wooden supports inside.  That's okay, though, we weren't going to let that stop us and figured between all of us we could bust it!  

And we did!  Candy for all and this little guy's first time to ever have gum.  :)  

Have you ever done a pinata at Christmas?  


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Karen Gibson said...

David (and everyone else) looked like they were having a ball.