Thursday, January 24, 2013

another seven minute post coming your way

That was pretty fun yesterday so here I go again . . . 

I think I have mentioned before that David is in preschool once a week.  Combine that with the fact that my husband has a fairly flexible work schedule and we have been able to enjoy some fun daytime dates these past several months.

This date day was courtesy of him having to work on a weekend and therefore getting to take a morning off later.

The weekend before we had been having a family run around town day and Adrian and David were gracious enough to stop with me to check out Womb to Grow, a local maternity and kids' consignment shop.  (I'm missing all my great maternity borrowed clothes from my pregnancy with David.  Thank you great Dallas friends for all of those loans!)  

While there Adrian noticed a menu/flyer on their bulletin board for Urban Steam, a coffee shop in town we hadn't heard of.

We decided to check it out on our date morning keeping expectations low.  

I mean the menu said they had "Belgian waffles" but what were the chances that they were yeast raised like we are used to getting in Pittsburgh and uh, Belgium???

Well, they didn't include the pearl sugar of a Liege style waffle but they *were* yeast raised and they were yummy!

I got the one topped with ham and scrambled eggs and it was great.

In my last "smp" (seven minute post) I wrote about my peanut butter craving, well, another craving that has been much more consistent with this pregnancy has been cokes.

If you know me well you know I rarely drink caffeine and cokes pregnant or not but starting in Iceland at a hot dog stand, I have had LOTS of coke cravings this pregnancy but I limit myself to about one a week.  

Well, my seven minutes are up.  

I'm off to add some links to this post and then I'm going to try to find a skinny nail which apparently is just the right tool to open Adrian's office door which some little stinker in our house keeps managing to lock and then close behind him.  Thankfully he's not locked in there!  He is up in his bed where he is supposed to be napping but IS NOT.  Driving me nuts!

Hope you are having a great Thursday!  



Karen said...

Really like the stream of consciousness of these smp's.

Karen said...

PS. That egg looks revolting. Gotta know me well to appreciate that comment.

Brenda said...

Ha! I'm loving your 7-minute posts! It's like the true Kelly is just oozing off the page.