Sunday, January 27, 2013

declutter {ten}

Maybe I'm getting back on the decluttering bandwagon???

More than ten things today but mostly papers.

Your comments about the letter jacket were fun to read yesterday.

I was surprised a little that most of you were in favor of keeping it but I will have to say that it is in the donation box as we speak.  

I don't disagree with any of your comments but I don't have a good place to store it and I just don't feel like having it take up room.

So onto today . . .

a Rich Mullins cd that I accidentally bought a duplicate of at my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and my favorite thrift store in Pittsburgh in December.  I couldn't remember if I had it on cd or if I had just had the old school cassette tape and it was really cheap so I bought it but then I checked itunes when I got home and it was already in there, so I've got a duplicate.  I hate to say this isn't the first time I've done this with a cd purchase.

The Heloise from A to Z book.  
I am a tiny bit on the fence about this but really, will I look at it or just look up anything I want to know on the internet?  Would my kids enjoy looking through it and reading it one day in the future like I used to like to do with a similar book of my mom's growing up?

Lots of random paper clutter . . . 

I had a file folder titled "things to do in and around Dallas".  Well, we don't live there anymore and I have a wiki now (and pinterest) where I store information.  The folder will get recycled into the office supplies drawer to be used sometime when I need a file folder.  

Found my OLD American Airlines frequent flier numbers/info in another folder . . . trash . . .

various magazine pages and flylady printouts

the instructions for logging into our substitute teacher request system from when I used to teach

a poem I wrote in high school that is not meaningful to me at all

duplicate and outdated church directories 

and a random print out lying on the counter about car maintenance

all gone!  


Sandy said...

Kelly, I have that same Heloise book! Given to me from my mom. Your kids are adorable! xo

Sandy said...

Kelly, I have that same Heloise book! Given to me from my mom. Your kids are adorable! xo

Karen said...

I want the Rich Mullins CD