Saturday, January 5, 2013

declutter {five}

I did a little decluttering of boy clothes when my mom and I went through the baby stuff I'd saved and picked out the gender neutral sleepers and things.  Now that the guest room is turning into the nursery and Adrian's office is absorbing the guest room then I need to figure out where I am going to store all of the boy clothes I've saved.  Not keeping all of them seemed like a good idea to start.

Sometimes your kids "help" you declutter.  I remember buying these JOY letters when I was single at Pottery Barn I think.  They are fun but unfortunately the "Y" got flung across the room and broke and so I am letting go of them.

I really like orange marmalade but I should have just stuck with smuckers instead of trying to get all fancy.  I only looked at the brand not the ingredients but the first one is high fructose corn syrup and it doesn't even taste good.  If I am going to consume some hfcs it sure better taste good. 


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