Thursday, January 3, 2013

our tree is still up

So I can still post about getting it and putting it up, right?  

Is your tree still up?

I usually like to take ours down on the 26th but since we only got it on the 23rd and since David really likes it and since it is smelling sooo heavenly and I'd rather take down other Christmas decor and declutter/clean/organize (or in the case of today, have a case of "sitting at the computer" then the tree shall stay for a bit.

Anyway, remember the first post about going to get our tree this year?

The look on his face still makes me laugh.

At first he was much more interested in stomping in the ice in the parking lot than anything to do with the tree.

Once the tree was on top of the car, he still wasn't too sure about the whole thing.  I think it was actually less about the tree in any way and more about being a little off kilter and grumpy in general to be honest.

BUT . . . once he was back in his seat and he could see the tree on top of the car through the moon roof, he thought it was *pretty* cool!  

He'll still talk about it at different times when we're in the car.

"Remember the tree on top of our car, Mama?"

On the way home he kept saying things like "hang on tree!"  "good job tree!"  It was adorable.

Then when we got home, his contribution to helping with the lights was to put the box on top of our robot vacuum.  We all cracked up when we saw that.  Having a two year old around is a lot of fun!

Adrian actually did all the lights for me which I really appreciated!    When he was done with the regular lights I decided it might be fun to try these big globe lights on part of it too but in the end we decided against it.  Made for a fun belly pic opportunity though since I am taking much fewer of those on purpose with this pregnancy than I did with my first.

I will say that there were certainly those in the room that did not approve of the pregnant woman being on top of a step stool for decorating the tree but what are you going to do?  I was careful.

the pink sheet was just to catch any falling sap so it didn't get on the carpet and was later covered with a fun vintage poinsettia tablecloth from my mother-in-law

Never have so many ornaments been put on AND taken off the tree but that's okay.  



Karen said...

I don't blame you for leaving the tree up. It smells yummy.

BR said...

Our goal is Super Bowl Sunday! Love the lights too much. And it's fake. Not this year tho, ruby already pulled it down once!!

the Whitelaws said...

Love, love, love the baby bump/tree picture! You look great!