Friday, January 11, 2013

I tried something new

While fixing a glass of chocolate milk to take my prenatal with this afternoon I realized that I was down to the very last of the bottle of chocolate syrup.  While I had the fridge open I also noticed the jar of maraschino cherry juice.  hmm . . . 

I spooned in a teaspoonful as I stirred my milk and I must say that

chocolate cherry milk

is quite good.  

Do you think you'd try it?  

Do you like milk?

Plain, flavored?

Have you ever tried a chocolate cherry coke at Sonic?  

I learned it from one of the first grade teachers at my old school.



Karen Gibson said...

I must admit that almost anything with cherry in it is good to me.

Ashley said...

cherry coke is my downfall!

Dave and Judy said...

sounds pretty good. Chocolate and cherry is great on ice cream so why not in the melted form.?

BR said...

You're fun.